Ph.D Help

Professional Consulting Help for Ph.D Thesis and Dissertation

Precision Analytics offers you a full-service Ph.D. thesis consultation service including preliminary consultations, planning, designing, writing, editing and statistical analysis. We can also help with research design, framing of research questions as well as data collection. Our editorial services for thesis help ensure that your thesis or your paper is in a ‘ready to get published’ state. We, at Precision Analytics, use statistical software such as SPSS for statistical analysis.

Subject Assistance – When you want to do your Ph.D., one of the very first challenges you face is deciding upon the most appropriate topic. It needs to be something that excites you, challenges you but also something that you can carry through with confidence till the end.Of course, your guide and supervisor will be there to help you narrow down on the subject, but prior to that, you will need specialized assistance in coming up with a list of potential, 100% original topics, all of which have good resources to refer to for purpose of a well-balanced literature review.

Assistance with Synopsis – A synopsis is the research proposal which is submitted for approval before you can begin work on your thesis. Needless to say, your synopsis must be perfect in order for your Ph.D. work to get approved and get started. A Ph.D. synopsis is composed of predefined sections such as introduction, problem statement, literature review, research methodology, conclusion and expected date of submission, which need to be populated according to specific guidelines. Since a perfect synopsis requires processes which might seem complex, especially right at the beginning of your Ph.D. journey, it is wise to take professional help. At Precision Analytics, we help you formulate the perfect synopsis, a proposal which will get you immediate approval.

Assistance with Thesis Writing – Writing of a Ph.D. thesis is a mammoth task, one that requires vital decision making, sophisticated time management, complex data analysis and great writing skills. Just like the synopsis, the thesis too has predefined sections which require a lot of work.We, at Precision Analytics, help you with any and all stages of this long, complicated process.

Thesis Editing – Once the thesis has been written, it needs to be edited and proofread before it can be submitted. This is the phase of your work which requires help from a fresh set of eyes, in order to catch any mistakes that you might overlook due to your familiarity with your own work. Both language and content editing are required at this stage, along with ideas for improvement that might be worked into the thesis. At Precision Analytics, with Ph.D. help we ensure that your thesis is flawless and is absolutely ready to submit. Our team goes through your thesis with a fine-toothed comb in order to weed out all errors. We also have brainstorming sessions to ensure that you can come up with fresh ideas to incorporate into the thesis, so that it is the best and the most perfect draft.

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