SPSS Help for Statistical Data Analysis

The Statistical Package for Social Sciences or SPSSis a software used commonly by researchers to perform statistical analysis. We at Precision Analytics India have expertise in SPSS software and statistical operations. If you are a graduate student or researcher, Precision Analytics India can assist you in the following areas:

•  Understanding the capabilities of SPSS software
•  Cleaning, coding and data entry in SPSS
 Choosing the correct statistical test to run
 Interpreting SPSS output
 Statistical analysis of SPSS data output

The SPSS software, a complete statistical package, is used to perform quantitative analysis. It has been widely used by researchers since it was developed in the 1960s by Norman H. Nie, in collaboration with C. Hadlai Hull and Dale Bent. SPSS is advantageous because it can utilize data from other databases and statistical packages. Being a point and click interface, the user has to click on the ‘variable view’ while entering data and this allows the user to change the data according to his/her needs.

The SPSS software is most often used in social science fields such as psychology, where statistical techniques like chi-square test, crosstabulation and t-tests, etc. are used on a large scale. Another option in the SPSS software is the “split file” option, available in the “data” menu. For researchers, this is a very valuable option as it helps during comparative studies. For example, researchers want to find out the maternal mortality rate in four states. In this case, the split file option will enable them to get results of the four states separately. This, in the end, will aid them in interpretation as well as the comparison of the maternal mortality rates in the chosen states.

Another technique in the SPSS software, called the missing value analysis, is used to construct more sound models for data estimation by filling in missing blanks. Missing value analysis gives the user better techniques for data management.

SPSS help includes statistical techniques such as analysis of variance, factor analysis and discriminant analysis, etc. The major limitation of SPSS is that it cannot be used to analyze a very large data set. Large data sets, as are common in the research fields such as nursing as well as medicine, require the use of other statistical software such as SAS.

We at Precision Analytics India will advise you on how best to enter your data. If you have collected your data using an online tool such as Survey Monkey, we can help download the data for you. Your data would then be analyzed by using the professional version of the SPSS software. This step would help the researcher better understand the results and how to report and interpret them. This will save time and effort and would inculcate greater learning.

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