Management Team

Professional Statistician Assistance for Research Work

Anubhav Tewari
Anubhav is the Managing Director of Precision Analytics. Anubhav comes from a strong quantitative background and has a Masters Degree in Statistics and Operations Research. In a career spanning over a decade, Anubhav has undertaken projects in both public and private sectors both locally and internationally. Anubhav has worked in a range of industries including transport, academia, retail, manufacturing, medical, banking and other financial sectors. He is a natural problem solver and a seasoned consultant with exceptional abilities to quickly grasp projects requirements or issues, propose fitting solutions, adapt to new surroundings and deliver in a timely and professional manner. Anubhav spends time between India and Australia.

Anubhav is supported by his team which includes statisticians, writers/editors, and administration staff.

Anubhav has a special interest in sports and physical activities like cycling, running, swimming, golf and horse riding. His personal hobbies include a daily run of 10 km.

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