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Medical Statistics Help for Public Health Research

These are data-centric times where statistics is an invaluable tool essential for processing information in the spheres of public health and medical research. In order to make informed decisions pertaining to public health policy and practice protocols as well as regarding treatment, it is important that the results of such research be analysed and understood in the light of their implications as well as limitations.As a result, an increasing number of healthcare organizations such as hospitals, clinics, healthcare provider groups as well as government health agencies are using statistics to get to valuable information regarding healthcare so that they can tap into consumer needs effectively and make the correct decisions regarding the allocation of limited resources.

Statistics is also used to develop quality improvement programs in hospitals and healthcare services. Along with all this, pharma companies make use of medical statistics when they are in the process of developing new medicines. Medical statistics are also used by public health organizations and hospital administrators to figure out the current utilization of healthcare. In fact, rapid advances in the field of medicine can be owed, in part, to the increasing dependence of various healthcare sector agencies on medical statistics.One can say that one of the primary components of health research today is medical statistics – basically, statistics applied to the fields of medicine and healthcare. Another important component of health research is study design.

We, at Precision Analytics, help our clients with the design, analysis and interpretation (study design, data collection, data processing, database management, statistical analysis, report interpretation) of both observational and intervention studies in health research. These include cross-sectional studies, ecologic studies, cohort studies, open/closed studies, etc.We can also help with you conducting trials and surveys, along with sample size calculations and organization of data, all geared towards choosing the best plan for your statistical analysis.

Precision Analytics has the expertise required to help medical researchers and academics in drawing conclusions about populations from data. We, at Precision Analytics, also have experience working with hospitals, government agencies, academic and research institutions, on biostatistical analysis. Precision Analytics offers medical statistics help and expertise on a range of relevant areas to researchers throughout the clinical trial process. In the early stages of development, these services include the following:-

  Grant writing and editing
  Methodology Review and Design
  Statistical Sampling and Validation
  IRB submission
  Protocol review
  Feasibility Analysis
  Manuscript editing based on journal reviewers’ feedback.
  Report Drafting
  Journal Article Review and Editing
  Statistical Analysis and Interpretation

Please get in touch with Precision Analytics at any stage of your specific project and we will be happy to help in every and any way possible.

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