Statistical Consulting

Statistical Consulting for Medical and Academic Project work

In today’s world, statistical analysis is required and applied in every aspect of the society to ensure smooth functioning of companies and organisations. Due to the highly competitive nature of the workplace as well as academics today, there is a need for relevant research and analysis, which gives rise to the need for statistical analysis and consulting. The job of the statistical consultant differs from project to project but, on the whole, the statistician is the problem solver, the guide as well as the advisor for the client.

Research Help with Statistical Consultation

We, at Precision Analytics, have years of quality experience in statistical consulting. Precision Analytics can offer advice, consulting and training relating to various aspects and phases of research/study design, data collection, analysis, reporting and interpreting. Precision Analytics provides statistical consulting primarily in the following areas:

  • Medicine and Health Care
  • Thesis work (Graduate, Post Graduate or PhD degrees) in any academic field (social sciences, science, etc.)
  • Project work including publishing journal articles, papers, dissertation, literature reviews, etc.

We, at Precision Analytics, can help you with your dissertation proposal throughout your journey from the proposal, submission of the thesis to defending your thesis. From the first stage of working on the proposal, the problem statement and the purpose of the study, to the framing of research questions, to quantitative analysis, and to formalising a data analysis plan, our team will collaborate with you all through the way. You decide the level of involvement you would like in your academic work and we will provide email and phone support 7 days a week to make sure that you have an entirely stress-free time.

Statistical Output Graphical Presentation

Our consultants can help you with both qualitative and quantitative analysis along with coding of the data and calculation of reliability statistics. At Precision Analytics, we use our expertise and experience to apply techniques such as regression analysis, classification analysis, hypothesis testing, etc., most appropriate for your data to use it to its highest potential in order to solve the research problem at hand.We also help you with the interpretation of your results. Our endeavour is to give you precise results along with an in-depth understanding of the statistical techniques used. Training is also one of the services provided by the statistical consultant, and we mean to prepare you to be able to defend your dissertation thesis to the best of your ability. The end goal for Precision Analytics is making your academic project work a success.

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